Kia's DriveWise Technology Could Put Self-Driving Vehicles on the Road By 2030


One study estimates that, by the year 2030, 15% of global auto sales could be autonomous.

That is... self-driving.

With smart features like emergency stopping, traffic jam assist, parking assist, and more, you could be cruising in a Kia in Urbana, IL hands-free. You could come out from shopping and call your car to come pick you up, catch up on emails or light reading during your commute, or send your car to meet you at home.

While we hope to see every new model on the road in 14 years, the Kia Soul EV is likely to be one of the first vehicles ready to go. With its intelligent hybrid technology, it's already a top choice for city driving. But just imagine what you could do with an autonomous EV.

Don't want to wait until 2030 to get into a smart new car? Come to Napleton's Kia of Urbana today to check out the smart new Kia lineup.

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